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Got home from work early enough today to pull the "B" pillars. Started with the driver's side, because obviously the driver's seat was occupied when the air bag went off.

Found out I have the cable type ETR rather than the turbine type. Close inspection of the plunger tube showed the plunger to be lodged at the top of the tube. Inspection of the passenger side showed the same. Funny thing though, on the passenger side, I found a rubber boot, which fit perfectly over the end of the plunger tube, it was loose and laying along side the ETR, on the driver's side I did not find this boot. Is it possible it was driven up the pillar and is lodged somewhere? I tried looking, but my head was too big to fit in the access hole .

Now with the pillar covers removed I can retuck and attach the loose leather around the belt adjustment window. Any suggestions on what type adhesive to use?
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