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Originally posted by stevebfl
If your light is on then the ABS is off!

Your problem sounds like a normal brake or suspension problem. You should have it looked at.

Thanks for the response.

Perhaps I wasn't clear. The ABS light is now off and my problem seemed to start about the time he cleaned up one of the sensors.

I'm thinking it's a problem with the ABS computer that was somehow bypassed previously and that is why it was bypassed. I can assure you from the way it acts that it's not a 'normal' brake problem.

FYI, I have two other MB's--an '82 300D (Euro) w/272,000 miles and an '82 300TD w/130,000. Just happened to come across this one with 90,000 miles and the body in sterling condition. Have spent about $2,500.00 on repairs to get it up to speed. Once I get this problem resolved I'll breathe a bit easier.

Thanks again.

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