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Question 1987 300E Running Problems

I drove my car '87 300E to work the other day and it ran fine. When leaving work that same evening it would not start. It seemed like it wasn't getting fuel or a spark. Upon removing the coil wire from the dist. cap I noticed the cap was severely burnt. I replaced the rotor, dist. cap and the spark plugs. No I can get the car started but it stalls when in gear or from not having my foot on the gas. If I do get the car moving I am afriad to move into traffic because it sputters and/or dies. If I am lucky enough to get past the sputtering and up to speed the car runs fine but when I get back near idle I repeat this problem.

I recently purchased this car because it was extremely clean with low miles for a 1987 but have had to replace several parts (radiator, water pump, alternator, engine/trans. mounts, and some front suspension parts) that I knew I would have to replace eventually just not in the few months that I have had the car. I am hoping that I have replaced most of the normal wear and tear parts and will have some time between visits to the shop.

Any suggestions/comments on this model or my problem, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated.

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