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the Supertech/Tech 2000 IS basically Quaker State and I also have confirmation...I'm pretty much stocked with a crapload of the trans fluid at 3.99 a gallon! I've got enough to change my fluids on all four of my MB's at least another 4 times and I'm comfortable with the Quaker State name. I hope the rest of the "family" here can get a great deal on this as well! Guys, just look past the WAL MART and just see it as Quaker State willing to discount their product to a vendor that discounts to their customers.I say that because I know that just because a box that COSTS more because of the flashy printing on it doesn't mean that the off brand (with the same contents) isn't of just as much quality.Hell it doesn't hurt Quaker State to sell to Wal Mart for so low because they've still got the "others" that will pay twice as much for their product elsewhere because of that mentality.Also they could care less because they make their money off of the vendors who THEN jack the price up anyway.That bring up another point. If Wal Mart is willing to charge just $3.99 gallon (WITH their markup), guess how much Wal Mart is paying? In other words Quaker State makes a mint off of you either way. Smart! So I figure at least be smart enough to pay the absolute least I can to acheive the same if not better results I would spending a million bucks for 2 little gallons of trans fluid! just my loooooong 2 cents. Whew!
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