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It's approx. 800 miles from Golden, Colorado to San Antonio, Texas. How do I know? I rode it in one day about 25 yrs. ago on a 1975 Kawasaki 900 Z-1B - very fast bike.

I find 800 miles a day, 4 times a week for nearly 7 yrs. delivering newspapers a bit hard to swallow.

When I met my wife years ago, she was driving a 1980 Dodge Diplomat. The car's oil was changed every 4,000 miles by a repair shop down the street from where she worked. I always checked to see that the fluid and filter were fresh. Penn-Zoil was used. At 80,000, I decided to change the valve cover gaskets. What I saw underneath the valve covers left me in shock. The rockers were covered with what looked like wet sand? I've heard similar stories from others who "used" to use Penn-Zoil.

1,000,000 miles in a Chevy using Penn-Zoil? Huh???
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