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Originally posted by carman850

I am in Ontario, I could hardly believe the price of dino oil in Edmonton is that outrageous.

I have been using Mobil-1 5W30 for a long time, here in Ottawa, Mobil-1 5W30 is 4 times expensive than those dinos. 4 Litre container costs $26 Cnd in CanadianTire, and normal dinos cost no more than $7 per 4 litres, so the price here is about the same as that in the US.
Okay. Lemme think about this. Alberta has MORE oil than Saudia Arabia. MORE! And our dino-in-a-bottle prices are MORE than in Ontario, home of some car plants and tobacco farms, but little or no OIL? I bought a litre of Quaker State for the 'ol Mazda the other day, and it was $2.79.

$26 for 4L of Mobil 1 is the "regular price" that I see, but our Wal-Mart has it about three or four times a year in 5L bottles for $19.99. when they do, I usually buy four or five bottles. $100 for 25L of Mobil 1 is CHEAP. (And we have no provincial sales tax...)
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