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Revised update on Head Gasket cost

Fellow enthusiasts

I misquoted the final price to machine my head & valve seats; replace the stem guides, valve seals & head gasket; and to replace the fused OE header/catalytic converter assembly with a stainless steel unit from TimeValve (w/ a modern cat and no pre-cat's). The total price was $2,600 (including parts) not $3,600. I saved a lot by buying parts through Phil at PartsShop -- listening to the advice in this forum (I did not replace the head -- wasn't necessary & it did not need to be welded [thanks for the concern Larry]) and developing a good relationship with my MB specialist mechanic. He cut 5 hours from his bill.

Regarding the drop in MPG -- you're right, it was completely due to my faster and more agressive driving. When I pretend to be a grandmother I get 19 to 20 mpg.

Thanks for all your help!
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