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Originally Posted by mbnz View Post
I was going to upgrade the turn signal bulbs to match my new headlights and tail lights.

I was planning to get Silverstar turn signal bulbs, these are supposed to turn amber when you signal but have a blue look about them when they are off.

I always thought that the front turn signal bulbs are 1157A and the rear ones are 1156A (A for amber, for the clear turn signals). I have these in right now (at least for the front).

But these new silverstar turn signal bulbs (1156A ST and 1157A ST) have a wattage listed 27W and 27W/8 W respectively. They also are supposed to replace the 1156A and 1157A.

But, the correct wattage for a 300E (mine is a 1990), is supposed to be 21W and 21/5W (for the front signals).

Will I be damaging anything or is it still in the safe range to use these higher wattage bulbs?

And I always thought that 1157A (fronts) and 1156A (rear) were the correct bulbs. If these new bulbs are the replacements for these, then have we all been using the wrong higher wattage bulbs????
21W AND 21/5W is correct.
Higher wattage will not affect fusing, but may cause the lamp failure light to come on.
Give it a try and no problem as long as you don't get the lamp failure indication.
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