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rusting chrome and bad roadder (spelling)?

Okay, first thing is, the crome outline in front of my grill on my W126 is starting to rust pretty bad, theres about 10 rust spots now. Anyway i can stop the spread? If not is there a replacement to get for it? Also some paint around the doors is starting to rust, can i stop that/fix it?

Second, if i'm wrong on this let me know because I don't know much about it. My friends alero was starting to jerk when it came to a stop and he needed a new (spelling) roader/rudder/roader? Well, we just had new breaks put on about 3 months ago, but when i'm coming to a complete stop, a stop under 5 mph, it starts to jerk. Not when breaking from higher speeds, only around there. Is that the problem? How much is a fix/replacement?
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