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300E very fast after a cold start....

Hey guys. Here is the deal, whenever I leave the car (92 300E m103) overnight and then start it in the morning, the car seems to go into superfast mode. I tried it out this morning, and floored the cold engine (I know... its not the thing to do... im sorry) and I managed to break lose the rear wheels in a smoky pealout. Now, this is the 300E we are talking about, and ive never dome a pealout before with this car, so I was impressed. Only problem is, after the pealout, my car returned to normal driving mode, which as you all know... is a bit slow. Ive noticed that my car only enters this "mode" in the morning after sitting overnight, it never enters it during the day, even if the car has been left sitting for a while. So here is the question... what is causing this extra performance? Is it the cold start valve? If it is, could anyone expand on what exactly the cold start valve is? I read that its only on 1 cylinder?? Yea... any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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