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Question 99 E300 Diesel Glow Plugs

Hello all, I am hoping someone can help me with some advice. My Dad has a 99 E300 diesel, with about 70,000 miles on it. Recently it has become hard to start. It is very loud at start up, runs rough, and spits out a bit of smoke. After a minute or two, it runs fine.

My first thought was a bad glow plug. My experience is with VW diesels, which often won't start at all if a glow plug is bad, however, I figure on a 6, it might start, but work like I describe.

I also thought that on this more sophisticated system had a warning light system. If a glow plug goes bad should the dash glow plug indicator come on?

Well, here are my questions...

1. Does this sound like a bad glow plug?

2. How the hell do you get them out? Does the big intake manifold need to come out? If so, is it just the visible torx screws on top that need removing (I know, I know...I can't be that lucky!)

I thanks anyone in advance who might have some advice.
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