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Why they never die.......

After a few choice beverages (Yuengling Lord Chesterfield Ale) I sat with the garage door open admiring my car. I sat and began to think what a great car this is but then my mind began to wander. I began to think about what I need to do to the car. Normal maintenance, you know, thing that you KNOW your car needs to be perfect. At what point would you have given up on any other car?

There is something special about a Mercedes-Benz. I'm not buying into all the hype, I mean it. It isn't about anything else but true satisfaction in your vehicle. Some people buy a car for an "A to B". What the hell kind of fun is that? I want a vehicle that suits my needs both physical and emotional.

How many of you are out there? Something you can drive and take pride in. Gentlemen, they never die because we are who we are.

Yours sincerely,
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