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Talking Gas in NYC...

I was driving down Northern Blvd., from Helms Brother Mercedes Benz when I notice an exxon gas station with radical prices on their gas. Here was the break down. Regular $ 1.15; Plus $ 1.23; Supreme (93) $1.23. The plus and supreme strikes me as odd, neverless I went in to ask whats up. They said they have a gas sale every .monday from 8PM through Tuesday Midnight , and the prices for supreme hovers around $1.23 during this period. It took only about 25 buck to fill it up from the 1/4 mark. What a bargin, just to let you Queens & Nassau County Mercedes Owners know. Their addresss is 32 Northern Blvd, across the street from Golden Harvest Buffet.

P.s. I know this don't really belong here, but its were most people go.
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