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Originally Posted by bulletproofair View Post
I think the starter solenoid just makes a single "click" when you turn the key. It doesn't keep on making noise like the sound I hear. Plus the sound I'm hearing is inside the console.

It just consistently happens when trying to start the car with a bad battery.
It's a combination of things, as voltage drops, current demand increases, so part of what you hear is hefty current trying to make up for the lack of voltage. Also you may be hearing the starter solenoid arcing since the low voltage hinders it's ability to pull in all the way. It may also be the motor windings humming due to the motor straining trying to turn the engine. In any case it doesn't hurt anything in short bursts, but to hold the key on for a long time could cause overheating of a stalled starter or burning of the solenoid contacts.
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