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Unhappy 300CE - Hot Air Blowing into the Car !

The Story... One morning as I was on my way to work, I tried opening the doors with the remote (The car is fitted with a anti-hijack alarm - immobiliser unit... it is Johanessburg South Africa ???) and nothing happenned, the car did not start. I was sure that the alarm unit was faulty.

I called the alarm service centre and they replaced the unit. However, on further inspection once they removed the cubby cover they stated that the power wire (red/black) was dead.

Also, none of the aircon buttons now work.... and very hot air is blowing into the car even though the heater is off. The centre control panel, housing the aircon knobbs and the radio/frontloader CD gets exceptionally HOT !!!. To the extent that if I play a CD the display reads CD HOT ... that is how hot the panel gets...

I took it to an auto electrician and it seemed that they were not prepared to remove the dash or work on it ... they said it was an 8 hour job ???

Previously, I had written in explaining that my oil level indicator light came on for no apparent reason ... according to the auto electrician they said that the problem could be from the same source...

I had checked all the fuses and that is OK !


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