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Lee and Mark,

Thanks for the responses. I have driven several 300E's. My friend has a 91 model, and I have test driven several others. They do have very lively handling. I have also driven my friends 98 600SL model (a bit out of my price range!). I will be test driving two 400E's this week. I read both "Featured Cars" profiles. It seems I will be leaning towards the 400E for the power improvements. I have a some questions...

Regarding the tire/wheel size. On my 99 Millenia S I have 18" chrome Niche Bella Wheels with 225/40/18 Sumitomo tires, rides very smooth. I plan on putting 19" AMG chrome Monoblock wheels onto the Mercedes. I heard that 20" wheels might rub...have you seen this happen? Which tire size (i.e. 225/40) would you recommend?

Five figure cooling system repairs!!! =) Anything specific I can look for when ispecting the auto? It does get very hot and humid in Miami.

Can you recommend a Mercedes shop in Miami that would be able to provide me with a thorough inspection of the car prior to purchase?

Does AMG make bodykits for the 300E or 400E? Do they have a web site?

I am glad I found this site before making a purchase. You guys are a big help!

PS Mark...they make radar/laser detector jammers now...they are wonderful! They completely block the cop's signal. They run $300-$500 (depending on the model) but work great! I have not gotten a ticket since I got one. Let me know if you want the number.

Miami Beach