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Originally Posted by 82eurodiesel View Post
man you guys give some good and detailed info
Over on the mustang forum all I get is crap.
Thanks for all the replies, I will have to soak all that in and go from there.
I will def use search more often to find common maint tips.
Thanks alot
Most things in the manual will apply to your euro, except one thing you may notice right away is your injector pump (IP) is probably different, not much to be concerned about at this point but something to be aware of if you need to replace your vacuum shut off valve (car wont shut off). or your delivery valve seals leak (not as likely). The Haynes manual is not bad, Chelton is not so hot. Real BM shop manuals are the best. OH, and good you forget about that turbo, your car will do just fine when you get everything squared away, I would adjust the valves for starters. Have fun

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