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my guess - fuel pressure. I have a winter beater car Olds V8. Let it sit for up to 3 hours - starts instantly. Let it sit longer - cranks many many times to build up pressure then fires instantly. In my case pressure is being lost over time - ain't worth troubleshooting - as long as it runs! Suggest you check fuel pressure - if it not there it won't start. The longer you leave it the worse it gets - right? If your pressure regulator isn't doing it's job - that could be it. One crazy thought - do you have an electric fuel pump? Is it putting out enough pressure? (most likely). However - on my Mercedes V8 I have 2 electric fuel pumps - and there is a CHECK VALVE screwed into the output side of them. If you have such a valve on your electric pump and it is not holding pressure----TA DA!!
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