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Bad news - there are two wiring harnesses - the upper one that you replaced and the lower one that's still crumbling and causing problems. When I bought my wife's '95 E420 I wrote a new harness into the deal (at an MB Dealership). They replaced the upper one and the CEL was back on within 20 miles. Because I'd bought it out of town, I ended up taking it to a second dealer closer to home. They ended up replacing the lower harness and the ETA. That fixed the problem for a year or so, then the ETA control module went south and it's new now too.

There's lots of info on this board and at JimF's site about troubleshooting an ETA. The CAN comm error is a bad sign; I got really used to seeing it during the process of getting my wife's car fixed.

Originally Posted by Keldawwg View Post
Replaced the wiring harness Friday night, only took 45 minutes... At night, so if you do it during daylight it would probably only take a half hour or so... When I reconnected the battery, the clock was

The ABS brake code was a EA CAN communications error, not a wheel speed sensor malfunction...

I still need to know how the heck I can check out the ETA...

I guess I'll search the forums here and see if I can find any info... The server was down this weekend...

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