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Originally Posted by hanno View Post
MBNZ, could you provide your brand, source, and price paid for the clear corners? I've had no luck at all with "Depot" off-brand and want to try another. They have poor fit (have "lost" 2 on left side) plus lamp sockets also fit rather poorly. Thanks!
I can't remember how much I paid for them, but they are like 5 years old now. I have had no problems with them falling off etc.

I have some crystal clear ones (make is KS) with matching headlights (make is Eagle Eyes - 6 pin). I have never installed them, they are brand new in the box. I was going to install them, but never got around to it. I bought projector ones now, so I am going to sell them.

If anyone is interested, please let me know.

They are the same as these ones on ebay:


'90 300E
Lowered with Eibach Springs
Mouldings and bumpers painted body color
Clear front corners
94/95 W124 Taillights

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