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Locking differentials are nice

About three months ago I bought a 91 4Matic and a house with a horrible driveway (long, steeeeep, lots of snow). The 4Matics performance is fantastic. I've watched enough SUVs and trucks fail to make it up my driveway, even with a running start, to be very impressed with the 4M which has never had the slightest problem. You can bring the 4M to a complete stop anywhere on the driveway on the iciest night and start back up again with no slippage. Admittedly its kind of a specialized problem but all my car-nut friends are pretty impressed by it. Especially the guys who stopped by after a week of hardcore four-wheeling in Death Valley and had to park on the street while the 4M sailed by... I bought the car figuring the 4M system would cost me $1000 a year to maintain. Even if it turns out to be twice that I'll still be happy. In fact, I might be looking for another one if I can find one nice enough.


91 300E 4Matic 105K
87 560SEL 130K
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