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I don't think it could be the oil, because you can drive the car, and if you don't break first gear, you can get the "enhanced" performance mode for about 30 seconds. If you go over 3k rpm, even for 1 second, and then back off, the car immediately goes back into slow mode. Thats also why im not agreeing with the cold air theory, because the air temp doesn't change in 30 seconds, but thats all it takes to go from wow its fast to *yawn.* It must be the fuel enrichment, and it must be working.... Thats why I was wondering if you could manually turn it on. I don't want it to be in "enriched" fuel mode all the time, because of the loss of gas mileage, I just want to be able to turn it on when wanted. I guess ill just have to do some digging about how the air sensor works, and how to force the car to think its 20 degrees outside and the car has just started. And btw... in the mornings around here... its in the 70s, and ive noticed this performance improvement during sweltering hot 90 degree mornings. And as far as the increased fuel, I agree that if you don't get enough air moving through with the gas, you are going to wear out your engine pretty fast, not to mention you will be emitting putrid smoke. If only I could find out how much more gas the valve injects and where...
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