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Originally Posted by TX76513 View Post
Well, I don't know where socks go when they disappear, but I think I may have figured out why they disappear. It is because they are trapped in a life of sin and depravity, devoid of morals. Yes, each time socks are washed and sorted, they end up with a new temporary mate. Some live a life of total depravity, unsorted and unmated, thrown together in a drawer until they are matched and mated by their master. Then, after they have been worn, they are thrown into a second den of depravity, the hamper.

Well, it's obvious that given such a life, they burn out and escape. So much for open marriages and mate swapping. How could this work for people, it won't even work with socks. Luckily, there is hope, and an alternative to this life of depravity
Are you suggesting there is a "caste system" for socks? Funny story many years ago when I was co-habitating with a man I was thinking about marrying(gasps from the audience). I was doing the laundry and damn if I didn't lose a sock or two each load and whn I'd come back from the wash house with a grin on my face he'd say:"You lost more socks didin't you?" At which point I'd say:"Yep." Well it got me out of laundry detail...any way fast forward about ten years, he left for parts unknown and I was having a conversation with a guy who used to repair washing machines (no he wasn't with Maytag) and he said all the lost socks get stuck in the agitator. So there you have it- the mystery of the "Where Do The Lost Socks Go Saga."
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