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Question Lamp problems

1. I have some strange lamp problems in my 88 260E California. These are its symptoms:
. a. High beam works, but only on the passenger side
. b. Flashers do not work with lights on or off.
. c. When I use the turn signal to indicate turning left the driversí side headlight and the driversí side turn signal seems to alternate their brightness during the process! Also at the same time the fog lights comes on very dimly!
. d. The fog lights works only with the headlights off. When the headlights are on, it only works on the passengersí side, also at the same time the drivers side headlight dims.
. e. The hazard lights function works, only minor thing is when lights are on, the driversí side headlight and driversí side turn signal seems to alternate their brightness during the process.
. f. For the rear everything works, stop, markers, tail, top brake and turn signals.
. g. Then of course the lamp fault light on the dash is on (only when the lights are on.

2. The following are some information about the vehicle:
. a. The lights always had been like this when Iíve recently acquired it last year.
. b. I believed it had a front-end wreck because some of the following evidence; hood not original (no VIN on the passengersí side), outside temperature probe not present (cut and missing), windshield not original, power steering cooler line bent, ABS line bent a little and shows a fault on the dash.
. c. There was an alarm system installed (Viper?). I disconnect most of this I think it was connected to the head lights, ignition key switch, and some other things.
. d. There is an audio system installed, bass woffers, amps the works. I didnít mess with this because it was not connected to the lighting.

3. I have done the following but no luck:
. a. Check all the bulbs and if not already change them to OE. NO CHANGE
. b. Took out the two headlight/turn signal assembly and switched them from side to side then plug them in to see if any change. NO LUCK SAME EXACT SYMPTOMS WITH OTHER SIDE LIGHT ASSEMBLY
. c. Got a different lamp-fault module from the junk yard to see if this is malfunctioning. NO LUCK SAME EXACT SYMPTOMS
. d. Ohmed out the flasher switch. Good tone and connectivity.
. e. Traced out all wires from head lights/front turn signals to the lamp-fault module, all are original factory colors.

4. I will look again if Iíve missed anything with more wires. If youall have any ideas or same experience I do welcome them.

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