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Bilstein Sport Shock Installation

Okay, I finally did it. I should have done this installation last December, but I stopped when I thought my springs didn't match (I thought I had 3 stock springs, one H&R). I ended up buying Edict's used set ONLY to find out that I did have H&R
's all around (the other three were just dirty!!!). So, I proceeded with installation today.

This is perhaps one of the easier maintenance work I've done on the car. If you don't have to replace the springs, there's no need to compress them (all sides). It's a very simple procedure that's really self-explanatory (email me if you do have questions). The whole thing took less than two hours, shock and strut mounted PLUS brake bleed.

The ride is obviously better, and a bit firmer (but not as firm as the Miata's Konis). There's also less body roll, and you will may want the car aligned (I won't until I buy new tires). I'll drive this thing up the twisties tomorrow to see if it grabs the tarmac well. Definitely a must for all you folks with lowering springs and stock absorbers (Ash). :p
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