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Fuel Filter on a 93 400 SEL (W140)

I ordered a new fuel filter from FastLane for my car and once it arrived I was under the car in the quicks to change it, only to find out the new one is smaller than the one I had on there, a bit shorter and definitely slimmer, So I figured an honest mistake and I was sent the wrong filter, no problem right, all I need to do is get the right one. I got the number off the old one and the number off the new one and sent them both to Phil from FastLane to get the right one. Only thing was both part numbers refer to the same filter that Phil sent to me and it is the correct one.

Any one experienced my dilemma.

From the looks of things I can install and the length issue is no problem since one end is a flexible hose and the lines fit on the filter, but the bracket to hold it in place is way too big for the new one.

Any ideas? Who changed a fuel filter on a W140 recently and how did you do it?
Is it the brand I got that is weird? Hengst is what I got, Hengst is what on the car.
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