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On the 240D I used an appropriately sized bolt and some flat washers (with the harmonic balancer in place). Put the flat washers against the harmonic balancer where it is "cut-out", screwed the bolt into the pin, tighted and then kept adding flat washers until the pin was out. Worked pretty well but make sure you have enough threads screwed into on the pin. I don't think you can bend/distort that harmonic balancer doing this - I didn't. I am going to drive the car a little while longer and verify I still have this situation. I kinda/sorta hate to pull a head on a good running engine but do, deep down, feel it should not hold pressure over night. I probably caused the crack myself when I changed the coolant one time and did not get all the air out of the system, drove it and the needle approached, but did not get to, the red mark on the temp gauge. The crack probably occured when I added the water later without letting it cool down enough - oh well - live and learn.
I will say that there was a crack in the head of the 240D above the bad #2 cylinder when I started on it. Wonder if that caused the problems with the cylinder/piston being ruined.
Where did you find the head?
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