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Need A New Hobby - Jukeboxes?

I know someone who needs to make space in his warehouse. He operates and services coin-operated games, jukeboxes etc.

Looking to unload some old jukeboxes that take 45's - specifically somewhere between 12-18 machines, for approximately $100 each, negotiable. Some working, probably most not - all very dusty. We stopped counting at 12.

These are not Wurlitizer 1015 bubblers - these are the utilitarian jukeboxes they were found in diners, bars, etc. Mostly AMI Rowe from what I could see - probably mid-70's.

Catch - you have to take ALL - and you get a couple of file cabinets with 45's with them.

Location - New York, Westchester County.

I stumbled on this cache looking for someone to service a jukebox I own. (If anyone knows someone to do so, please let me know.)

For you young guys, 45's are bigger than CD's and are black.

They are played with needles.
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