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E320 wire harness recall

E320 wire harness recall

Thought I would post this link for wire harness recalls on the 1994 E320 (3.2 liter DOHC), since I had to do some searching for it, this might help others who are looking. Note that a senior tech has posted here that the harness(es) is/are not covered under warranty, though I presume it would be replaced free as a recall, especially since it is listed as safety related. MB and the dealer would face liability for any mishaps otherwise, I think. Is this other people's impression? I would appreciate hearing from others who have dealt with this problem, especially techs.

Incidentally, I spoke with the service manager for Carriage House MB in New London CT (Tom) who was unaware of the problem except in E500s. It really puzzles me that an experienced person like him would have never heard of this, in light of postings here and elsewhere; his colleague John had a similar response on an earlier phone call.John stated unequivocally that he had no intention of fixing something that was not broken. Apparently he is not convinced that preventative measures are indicated in this case. (This was before I located the recall info).

Your impressions?
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