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Smoke silver.....

The headlights are Bosch (got them from a guy in Germany off ebay $225 with shipping) and I'm running IPF 70/90W in them with stock German white osram fogs.

I had cheapo depo crystal clears and I didn't really care for the look. Which made it OK when the drivers side decided to remove it'self @ 90MPH (glad it missed the windshield)BTW I still have the passenger side if anyone is interested and sends ups to me, it's yours.

The corners in the picture are a cheapo knock off, white corners. Kinda like the post W124 facelift corners, but without the orange reflector.
I think all of the after market china stuff has fitment problems. I enlarged the groove (where plastic tab grabs the metal of the car) with a file on this set. So you can actually hear the light assembly "snap" into place.

The strobing 3rd light kit comes from "THE NEW BRAKER FLASHING BRAKE LIGHT LED SEQUENCER CONTROL MODULE"(about 1/2 way down the page)$5.99 EA (compared to $20.00 on ebay)
You have to use a LED (1156 3rd brake light bulb) with this module. The mod is real easy. Your 3rd light power supply and ground wires run below in the trunk. This is where you put the strobe module and a load resistor. You need the resistor so you don't get the lamp-out waring light. You can find 1156 super bright (40 or 45 LED's) 3rd lamp bulbs and resistor cheaper on ebay than the site I linked to. To make it even eaiser you can use 3M wire taps with female push connectors Then it's plug and play and easy to remove.

The flashing 3rd light is real attention getter when your tail gated. A slight tap
of the brake pedal gets it flashing. Of course the real A$$ holes ignore it after the 2nd time, but it then serves as a prelude to a good smoking That gets them off the bumper 98% of the time

Originally Posted by mbzr4ever View Post
Nice looking headlights/corners! They don't look stock and they don't look like the typical eurolights.
My 91 300e is grey too, and I'm looking to change the lights. Do you mind sharing what kind are they and where did you get them?
Where did you find the strobing 3rd brake light?
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