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not even attempting to argue with benzmac here, but if he is talking about the rods that the cable sits in(or rather slides in), on my 83 300SD(W126 also) you had to take the cover off the motor to expose the gears, and also remove the lock nut on the front, and then the rods, or sleeves would slide out in the dirrection of the removed cover, this would also detach the motor from the car, so long as all other bolts were disconnected. THis also takes out all the gears as well as the spacer(easy to lose). Again, we may be thinking of differant parts, or your motor may be differant then mine was. I know i must have taken that motor out 12 times before i finally got my entire sunroof assembly working.... If i hunt around, i may be able to find my old sunroof motor that i could take a picture of, and show you what i'm talking about, that would also involve getting my dad's digital camera home from work, which can take weeks If you want more detailed explanation of how I got MY motor out and in, i'll do a detailed explanation from memory for you
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