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94 E420 vs 93 300E

Howdy Folks,
I was looking for a 94 or a 95 280C all of last week to replace my 92 190e. I test drove a few and they drive really well. But a few of my friends & others who had owned one had only horror stories to tell me. So, I have narrowed my search down to a 94 E420(102K asking for $14.9) and 93 300E (61K - asking for $13.5). I really like the E420 because of the V8. Do the V8's last as long as I6's on the 300/320E? My next question - is the maintenance really high on the V8's vs the I6's?. Please advise. Are there any major weaknesses on the V8's ?? Thanks.

86 BMW 325e 146K
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