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I did the ball joints on the 190E on my own. The special tools for the job make it much much easier: the portable C-shaped ball joint press, the spring compressor that fits incise the coil (not the macpherson strut compressors that grab from the outsides) etc. Unfortunately I didnt have 'em. Since I have a 12-ton shop press, I took the whole control arm off and put it on the bench to press the joint out/in. That mechanic talking of cutting the ball joint out is BSing you.

I also chased a front end clunk for months. It turned out to be the strut tops were cracked. It was easy to miss because as I jacked up the front end, the wheel weight would quiet the loose area. Put it down & drive I got the clunk back. I put in whell bearings, idle arm bushings, ball joints, stabilizer shock and finally the struts & bushings. Check it out before you go on a merry goose chase of replacement.

I also have changed the idle arm bushing with out dropping the exhaust. However I did have to bend the heat shield to get the bolt out. Dont over torque that bolt, or you'll be re-doing that job in a very short time.

Good luck.
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