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No problems today

I had no problems from my ACC this morning. Looking back, I don't see how the monovalve drawing too much current would be causing my problem. When I had the on/off thing again yesterday, it was about 2 mins into my ride on a cold day. The temp couldn't possibly have gotten up to the 22 deg C that I had on the rheostat wheel in that short time, so the monovalve should not have been grounded and drawing voltage at that point. So how could it have caused my problem? Removing the aux water pump did reduce the frequency of the ACC on/off phenomenon. When does the aux water pump come on? Is it only at low rpm's to enhance water flow?
I am wondering if the PBU might be the problem after all, although it looks fine on inspection. What else would cause the whole ACC system to power on and off, even with the PBU set to "0"? Is my "0" button intermittently cutting power off? And then yesterday the first time I couldn't stop the cycling on/off of the system by pushing the "0" button means the "0" button was unable to cut power off? I have another PBU from another car, but it is not an exact match. I am unsure of the year it comes from. It has one more pin terminal where the plugs hook up than my existing pbu, but otherwise it looks very similar. It also has a rheostat marked in deg F instead of deg C like my existing unit. I suppose it would be stupid to try hooking up this slightly different PBU? What if I scavenged the "0" button from it and installed it on my existing PBU?
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