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Good Luck,

I've been looking for repair manuals for my 85 300E. Haven't had much luck though. I was told by multiple sources that Haynes doesn't make a manual and the only Chiltons I've found that covers the 300E is an all imports, yellow pages thick service manual. Don't know how helpful it is, though it is only ~$19.95

Impco (www.************************) offers a W124 specific catalog that has a couple other options...

A W124 Work Shop Manual ~$30, which is also available elsewhere on the net, which is of questionable value. I bought it and was kinda disappointed as I was hoping for more diagrams w/ better illustrations. But, if you can get past that, it is kinda helpful (for the novice wrench like me) to help you go from "what the?!?" to "Oh, that figures."

Another option in Impco offers are Mercedes Benz manuals that come in volumes (from MBNA), down side? Combined price of ~$560, OUCH!

I also checked into the Bentley's option, but was told there wasn't any. And when I ask my nearest M.B. dealer for a service manual, he said they don't offer one.

Anyone have any other options?

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