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flashers still not working


Youall had hit it on the nose! Still have flasher problem but let me tell the folks what happen first:

1. I went to the grounding points on the drivers side it was connected, I disconnect it from the body looks like this is the part where it was repaired. The part where the bolt connects to the body was a lot of paint. I got my Dremel tool out and sand some paint away on both sides so I have some fresh metals expose.
2. Resolder the connections at the grounding points and also the connections at the bulb end just incase I have any hairline cracks.
3. Put everything back and now the fog-lights, high-beam, turn signal works the correct way.

Ok now about the flasher, It does not work with the lights on or off. The high-beam works how ever. I did the following test and no luck yet:

1. If the high-beam works, the path should be clear from the bulbs all the way to the switch (high-beams, flashers, turn-signal, windshield wiper combination switch), is this right?
2. To test the switch for high-beams I jumped pins 1 to 2, push lever forward for high-beams = good tone and connectivity. Is this right?
3. To test the switch for Flashers I jumped pins 11 to 2, pull lever backward for Flashers = good tone and connectivity. Is this right?
4. Should I be checking for the amount of ohm too? I just got the DMM on the diode setting and listening for tones only.
5. Anything else Iím missing here?

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