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W126 Wiper Motor Runs, Wipers Not Moving

Quick question...
I cleaned off about a foot of snow from the car this morning. When I got in I turned on the wipers to clean the windshield the rest of the way and heard a POP sound. I noticed the wipers were not going back and forth. Opened the hood for a better idea of what was going on. I can hear the wiper motor running, but the wipers are not moving. They can be moved back and forth by hand and the headlight wipers work fine. When moving them by hand, every now and then they will catch and move about 1 inch, but that's about it.

I bid on a wiper transmission and motor from eBay for around $55 for both.

Does this sound like the wiper transmission needs to be replaced? If so, how difficult is it? I've got the W126 CD's, but some first hand advice would be helpful.
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