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Finally found it (but it wasn't the problem)

It seems that my fuel pump relay was behind the brake pedal. The ECU in the same area (under the driver's side dash, above the foot area). Also, my fuel pump relay (silver) looks nothing like the replacement (black). Here's a picture of them side by side:

However the relay was not the problem. The problem was 1) a 25amp fuse for a wire that goes directly from the battery to the fuel pump; that was blown. It's the only fuse in the car located at the battery...never checked for 2 years, but it was the culprit (pretty sure).

2nd, once I replaced that fuse, the car started up fine and was driving good, no stalling, no shutdowns after half an hour on the road. But there was no pickup either, the pickup was real bad. Then I realized that I removed the air intake assembly...which was why there was no pick up. Then I placed the assembly back on...guess what, the car stalled. So I found problem #2...needed a new air filter. Replaced it, car runs good. (one more thing though, I'll put it in another post)

So having a shyster dealer replace all my fuel injectors, which did not solve the problem and letting the car sit for about a year and a half, a new air filter and a 25amp fuse directly connected to the battery fixed the job.
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