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Question 1983 W123 230E - How much is it worth?

Hi all,

Well since the 300D didn't quite work out.. I'm gonna have a look at this... what a lucky find *I think*... 230E.

It's a Euro car, with a 4-speed manual trans - all the better...

It has 160K miles and the owner's asking $4500... I am going to have a look at it.. maybe tomorrow or Saturday.

I do like the fact that it has the rather desirable 2.3L I-4, which happens to be the engine that is in my 1992 230E...*If I'm not wrong*

Now I don't think it's perfect.. my question is..
1. Is it worth that much? I am guessing $3500 is max..cuz for $4500 I could almost get a W124.. and I'd rather get that.
2. Are the parts for the engine easy to get in the US?


*BTW, After reading the forum for a while I sorta know what to watch out for in a W123...*

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