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By disconnecting the EHA you have set a default/preset Fuel:air ratio. In other words there is NO fine-tuning of the fuel:air ratio for various engine loads, similar to an old mechanical fuel injection.

This fine tuning is directed by the computer which gets input from many sensors, like the O2 sensor, engine temp, etc. You've done some isolating of your problem. If your problem was solely fuel:air metering it probably would have smoothed out your hesitaion during acceleration (rough starts with an other-than-WARM car is NORMAL with the EHA disconnected since there will be no start enrichment; that's one of the functions of the EHA). I think you ought to look at the weeping (of fuel, I assume) from the EHA.

The EHA alters the fuel:air ratio by altering the fuel pressure between the upper and lower compartments of the fuel distributor, A leak at the EHA will probably make ANY further trouble shooting invalid. I suggest you replace the two o-rings between the EHA and the fuel distributor.

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