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Hi Mike,

Just to bring you up to speed on my car. there is no apparent "wetness" around the exterior of the EHA.
This rough idle (now quite minor) and poor gas milage have been going on for months . As I have reported here before as I went along.. Step by step I have already replaced plugs,wires, distributor cap & rotor, injectors,fuel pump&filter, motor mounts,cleaned the Idle control vave and replaced the hoses leading to it.
All are good for the car and fun for me to do, though none have really solved the problem.
Now - when adjusting the mixture last time with the computer , the mixture got richer (i believe) and the idle smoothed out completely for a couple of weeks. Took it back to the shop last week to readjust the mixture - Voila, smooth again.
That is when the discussion over EHA versus distributor failure began....

P.S - I am not sure what you mean by - Don't let the wet look fool you,the crankcase vapors also flow through the same area.
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