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One of the reasons the yellow bulbs/filters are being phased out is because cadmium is used in the coating, and is on environmental watch lists. I had the stock US headlights with the yellow filter, and the Euro lights with no filter. Personally I felt I could see better with the yellow, so I installed yellow h3 bulbs, no longer available. When I had the yellow fog lights on, no oncoming traffic ever 'flashed' me. With the white bulbs they just assume it is hi beams, and flash me all the time - PITA.

The only real solution to not seeing pedestrians, however, is the euro lights with their superior low beam pattern and light output. Fog light beam patterns are so close to the car that they will only let you identify what you just hit.

EDIT: Here is what I was told by Ken Beard at Susquehanna motors when I inquired about replacement H3 yellow bulbs:

"The yellowstars are no longer made in Europe - as of the first of last year, it was illegal to equip a new car (from the factory) with them and also illegal to manufacture them (an environmental issue since the process uses cadmium). The French were the ones who required the yellow lights so they were seen all over the Continent. With the homogenization of the Continent - the yellow had to go - by democratic vote I'm sure"

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