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Hey, i tried #1, there is so much room i could fit plyers under the screw head, and pulled or pushed on the handles to push the screw up while my dad tried to unscrew it, and again, it went no where. He tried pulling and turning, and no matter what we tried with no matter how much force, it won't budge.

For #2, What are you saying? Ok heres how it looks:

__|___ <--- black track
__|___ <--- floor of the car
__|___<---- something it is caught on that is flimsy because if i
hit the screw with a hammer, it goes downware and
pops right back up

So the screw is in 3 things, first its through a black track, then it goes through what I suppose, is the floor/bottom of the car, and then what it is caught on is something undernet the floor, which is what I'm guessing it screws in to? Well atleast you all know now that your car seat isn't going anywhere anytime soon without the force of another car pulling on the screw I can't budge it at all!
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