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Question 87 300E clogged fuel filter?

My well maintained trouble free car has come up with a bug.
I noticed it yesterday for the first time ever. Basically I am getting greatly reduced response from the accelerator pedal. At one point from a standing stop I almost floored the car and it was barely moving, and the economy guage was buried in the red, then power starts coming back, but it feels very restricted and held back. It may also have a slightly rough idle that was not there before. The air filter was new last week.One possible thing that was different in the last day is we got a bunch of snow, and the car was confined in the garage overnight with lots of moisture from melting snow? Then I thought there might be something with the transmission because there is a slow leak, which I am vigilant about. I test drove the car for 10+ miles to warm it up then checked the trans level. It was perfect. Im thinking now maybe a fuel filter.
Can anyone here relate these symptoms to a clogged filter, or some other component/system that would cause this?
I have put 45k on the car since buying, without any new fuel filter.
Thanks in advance for all your help!

Greg Stein
1987 300E, 205K
1979 280CE, ???K
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