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Question questions about UK and car ownership


I got some questions for you about UK and car ownership but first let me give you the history:

. 1. When I was assigned there in early 90s our turn signals front and rear has to be amber, and must have fog lights on the rear. If not we had to get them installed. This was hard for some of the GI’s with American versions cars of Fords and GM (rear turn signals are red) we had to put something back there and it looked ugly. I took my 87 190E over, it was good to go accept I had to have clear parking lights, I did this by disconnecting my corners (American version stays on when lights are on). Then I installed some clear lights that are normally use for inside curtsey lamp kit on my bumper. The fog light was easy I just put the bulbs in(this socket is empty in American versions), ran some new wires and connect then get the UK version of the switch (must show red light if rears are on).
. 2. After two years there they came out with another law where if you have “wrap-around” indicators (like Mercedes-Benz cars) it must have the “E1” symbol on it (American versions Mercedes has “SAE”). I think this was just a different shade of amber/yellow. Well I had to put something there to pass your MOT. So I got some small amber lights installed right next to my corners. It looked kinda dumb, like “OK I’m turning now I got the small light next to the corner that tells the same thing”. I guess they just want to give us Yanks a hard time.

Now the questions it’s not official but I think I’m being assigned there again soon:

. 1. So you are saying that you can have clear corners on your cars in the UK now?
. 2. If yes how does this work do you have to have amber bulbs?
. 3. What about the rear can you have all red, black or clear?
. 4. What about other colors like blue or neon?
. 5. What about “Fire-Fly” you know the lights you screw on your tire caps and lights up when you start driving.
. 6. I went to the site they got some good prices your £9 is about $13 for us. My question is about your VAT how is this calculated? What’s the percentage 17%? Will it be same all over UK or like the US it’s goes by where you are at?

I’m not thinking about doing all of this to my vehicles just curious.

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