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I mentioned that I think that the 13mm adjuster nut is stripped, not allowing me to adjust it? My question was, is this theaded arm and the hollow 13mm adjustment nut that is attached the tensioner the thing that keeps the tension in place because it doesn't seem as if the 19mm bolt is keeping any tension in place, because even with that bolt tight I can yank on the tensioner pulley and move back and forth (slack and tight) without much effort. The other question, is the thread on the 13mm a reverse thread, when I turn left the nut goes away from me and when it's a good distance down the tension seem looser than when the nut is up close to me (getting close to the end of the threads). It's at this point when more turning in a right clockwise direction just results in stripped thread sensation. Do you think that I just need to replace that flanged hollow 13 mm adjustment ( the threads on the bolt look fine) and cal it a day.

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