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Hi Jim............I have had my drivers side door panel off for about a month now. I have been slowly gluing it back together. My SL is a 1974 but I think they are the same. Start by removing the screws that you find associated with the inside door opener. There's a bold up under the door pull that has to come out. Then there are clips that hold the bottom of the panel on. When you have removed all the hardware and popped the clips it will slide up (there are sheet metal tabs at the top of the panel so slide it up to remove)and off. The clips have to be pryed out by sliding something thin between the door and the panel. The plastic clips are only along the bottom edge. All my clips pretty much ripped out the masonite on the panel. I plan to use screws and beauty washers when I put the panel back on.

You can buy a kit from Phil that includes all the parts to rebuild the window mechanism. It's only about $8.00. The problem I had was the block that attaches the window to the guide rail fell off causing the window to bind which broke the motor mounts. I replaced the motor, rebuilt the mechanism and it's working real smooth now. If you reach the point of wanting to remove the window or the mechanism let me know. Both can be removed..........Dan
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