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Ought I Buy This Car?

I feel a bit out of place over here in the Tech Help section, since I'm usually over on the Diesel board, but I'm considering(perish the thought) a non-Diesel purchase.

A woman in my office building is selling her 1992 300TE Wagon(is saying 'wagon' necessary or are all TEs wagons?), says she's going to be moving to Switzerland soon to join her husband who's already there. I'm not really in the market for another car but since I love my '82 300TD so much, I thought if this deal looks good enough, maybe we'll trade in my wife's Taurus for the TE.

Here's the scoop on the car as far as I know: 6 cylinder(don't know the displacement),ABS, AM/FM Cassette, Driver's side airbag, memory seats, Power Locks/Seats/Steering/Windows, Sun Roof. It has 82,500 miles, looks great on the outside - I haven't driven the car or even been inside it, but guess the interior to look as good as the exterior. She's asking $14,990 - says the price is negotiable. I've checked and they list this car as $15,805. Assuming the car runs perfectly - I'd have my tech go over it - is this a worthwhile car? What are the known problems with this model? Can it be a daily commuter(100 miles/day - in lots of stop and go traffic)? Reliable(okay - I'm sure it's better than the Taurus)? What's difficult to work on on this model(I do ALL the work on my W123 except A/C and Transmission)? Hell, I don't even know if the engine is a V-six or inline - I don't know anything about Mercedes except my own car!
Can I pull the engine out and drop in an early '80s 5-cylinder Diesel(okay, I'm kidding here - I love my Diesel)?

I'd really appreciate whatever info is out there.
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