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Yeah, I am pretty much a car nut. The cars I have now have been on my wish list for years.

I remember an article in Car & Driver in the early '90s that raved about the 500E. The writer had taken delivery of his in Germany & said he didn't see how they could ever improve a car beyond that point. It seemed WAY out of reach back then but, a friend of ours Dad bought one in '93. I didn't find out until their wedding rehearsal in '96 when I pulled up & saw it in the driveway. That was my first exposure to one in the flesh & next to our 300E that we had at the time, the differences were amazing. They really look like two totally different cars when put next to each other. I bugged him about selling it to me from then on. He said he never would but, in July 0f 2000, he retired & his new wife decided she wanted a convertible as a toy instead of the 500E. He has regretted buying that Vette convertible & selling me the 500E ever since. I sold my '96 Carrera to buy it & haven't regretted it a day since.

I am glad I found all you guys on this site. The knowledge & true appreciation of what these cars are all about is great.

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