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I know mechanics have opinions on the timing chains, guide rails, etc., but if you do a search on this site, there are numerous replies regarding this. I don't own a V8 so I have no bias, but there are testmonials from dozens of members to this site who are fanatical about changing these items every 100,000-120,000 miles. I do believe these MB engines are better engineered than any other car manufacturer, but why do these V8's have so many issues with timing chain breakage? I've never heard of a case of an American V8 breaking a timing chain. I have experience with them getting loose and needing replacement. Maybe it has to do with the pushrod design. I also think its ridiculous that MB can't seem to design a straight six engine that doesn't go through head gaskets every 100,000 miles or so.
Yeah, I'm like every other guy. Who doesn't want more cubic inches? I'd love to have a V8. However, I still stand behind my point that in my opinion the M104 engines are not underpowered.
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